• Hi-D™ Mushroom Vitamin D

    Hi-D™ Mushroom Vitamin D is a 100% organic, plant based, whole food mushroom Vitamin D, packaged in to a convenient capsule format. We have developed a bespoke UV technology which activates the Vitamin D in the mushroom, similar to the human body, only a lot more efficiently.
  • The whole mushroom and nothing but the mushroom!

    Traditional Vitamin D options are usually animal or lichen chemical extractions and therefore not whole food. At Hi-D™ we simply use the whole fruiting body of the mushroom. Hi-D™ contains no fillers, solvents, chemical extractions, additives, or mycelium.
  • Plant based

    Different to most products on the pharmacy and health food shop shelves, we are so excited to offer you a 100% organic and plant based option for your daily Vitamin D needs.

Have you checked your Vitamin D lately?

You could be lacking in Vitamin D for many reasons; maybe you are skin health conscious or maybe you work inside all day or perhaps you haven't had the time to eat all the right foods.

Whatever the reason - ask your Doctor to check your Vitamin D today!

Vitamin D supports with:
Mental Health, Immunity, Heart Health and Muscle and Bone Density.