• Who we are

    Based on the beautiful Northern Rivers Hinterland, in NSW, Australia, we are a family business invested in bringing this innovative product to the world and re-shape the way people consume Vitamin D.

    With an interest in good food and we focus our efforts on the sustainability of the amazing environment we live in. Good health, good food, and… mushroom Vitamin D!


  • Whole food - NO Chemical Extractions

    We believe in whole food. Our products are completely free from any nasties such as: chemical extractions, additives, preservatives, anti-caking agents. No added gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, fish, GMO's or no chemical extractions. Most Vitamin D is derived from animal sources. Hi-D Vitamin D mushroom powder is a whole food, plant based, sustainable source of vitamin D.

  • Our Mushroom Suppliers - Australia and Japan

    For the purpose of fortification we use mushrooms which grow well in Australia, such as Oyster mushroom, Button mushrooms, and others. Our suppliers for these mushrooms are located locally and this is one of the areas where we contribute to the circular economy. These suppliers use local recycled organic matter for their growing substrate.

    Our Organic Shiitake mushrooms are sourced from a premium grower in Japan due to their ideal climate conditions.

  • Why Japanese Shiitake mushrooms?

    We use premium organic Shiitake mushrooms from Japan.

    Our supplier grows the Shiitake mushrooms outdoor, on oak logs, ensuring the maximum amount of nutrients are fostered during the growing process.

    We continue that process in our local Australian facility under bespoke UV technology (much like the natural sunlight).

    Shiitake mushrooms are a powerful source of nutrients such as amino acids and polysaccharides like beta-glucans that are known to help reduce inflammation and support immunity.

    Shiitake mushrooms grow best in the South East Asian climate and Japan is known to produce the highest quality Shiitake mushrooms in the world.

  • Environmentally Sustainable - Circular Economy

    Did you know mushrooms are one of sustainable foods on the planet? We have a passion for contributing to environmental sustainability with our zero-waste policy and use of recyclable and sustainable packaging. By using our product, you directly contribute to lowering the CO2 footprint.

    Circular Economy - Our mushrooms suppliers (local for our Oyster and Button mushrooms and from Japan for Shiitake) use a large portion of local recycled organic ingredients in their substrate.