Did you know Mushrooms are one of the most sustainable foods on the planet?

  • Food production & climate change

    At Hi-D™, we don't just say the buz words, we live them. Food production is a major contributor to climate change, with the global food system accounting for an eye-watering 26% of carbon emissions caused by humans.

  • Mushrooms as a Sustainable Food

    Did you know that mushrooms are one of the most sustainable foods on the planet? Mushrooms have an environmental footprint at least 10 times smaller than any animal/fish products and half of that of most plant-based foods.

  • Hi-D™ Recycling and Waste Policy & Circular Economy

    All Hi-D™ packaging is 100% recyclable.

    The Hi-D™ process ensures the whole mushroom is used, with zero wastage. In addition, no water is used in the processing of our mushrooms.

    Circular Economy

    Our suppliers in both Australia and Japan practice circular economy in their mushroom production flow – with locally sourced organic substrate recycled from
    other local companies. For example, our supplier of Oyster Mushrooms uses, among other recycled items, the organic waste from a local cold-coffee brewer.