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Hi-D™ as a Whole Food - NO Chemical Extracts

Most Vitamin D is derived from animal sources. Hi-D™ Mushroom Vitamin D is a whole food, plant-based, sustainable source of vitamin D. Hi-D™ does not use any chemical or water extractions and contains no other ingredients or additives. Hi-D™ is free from gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, fish

Muscle Repair & Bone Density

As we age, our bone-density and muscle mass is likely to drop. Vitamin D is shown to support and enhance the strength in these areas.

Heart Health

Research demonstrates that Vitamin D supports Heart Health by reducing inflammation which can lead to heart disease.


Research shows that Vitamin D can temper the damaging inflammatory response during disease, while it also boosts immune cells' production of microbe-fighting proteins. Vitamin D supports the body in fighting infection, has a demonstrated anti-carcinogenic effect, helps in preventing auto immune diseases, as well as mitigating their effects.

Mental Health

Recent research demonstrates a clear link between adequate levels of Vitamin D in the body and good mental health.

Beta-Glucans - Found in Mushrooms

Beta Glucans are naturally occurring polysaccharides. They are soluble fibres that come from the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, yeast and some plants.

Beta Glucans are known to:

  • Stimulate the growth and activity of intestinal microbiota whilst inhabiting the growth of pathogens
  • May lower the risk of heart disease by lowering the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body, without affecting HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Demonstrated to enhance the immune system

    (See supporting article here)

Ergothianeines - Found in Mushrooms

Ergothioneines are amino acids that is found mainly in mushrooms.

Recent research demonstrates:

  • This family of substances which have their highest naturally occurring concentrations in mushrooms (our product contains a very high comparative level) – have been shown by medical research to reduce inflammation (swelling) in liver, kidneys, lungs and the brain
  • They help maintain and regenerate the brain and nervous system. Scientific research suggests that ERGO benefits brain function through both its antioxidative activity and by promoting neurogenesis and neuronal maturation.

    See article on recent research here